Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au (which “Site” includes the services, data and content) you are agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions given below and the laws of Queensland. These Terms and Conditions are to be interpreted and applied within the context of the USQ Policy on ICT Information Management and Security including USQ ICT Code of Practice for the Acceptable use of ICT Resources which also applies to your usage of http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au. The Privacy Statement should be considered an extension of these Terms and Conditions and be read by all users.  If you do not agree with any of these, do not use http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au.

We may occasionally make minor adjustments to our Terms and Condition to reflect changes to the system and in response to user feedback. As such we suggest you check the Terms and Conditions each time you visit this Site.  We will however notify users of any major changes to the Terms and Conditions via the http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au homepage.

Our obligations

USQ hereby grants you a non-exclusive licence to use http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au solely for your personal, non-commercial use subject to the Terms and Conditions and USQ policies and standards including the USQ Policy on ICT Information Management and Security. The http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au site administrators will undertake all reasonable steps to provide all users with a safe, secure and operational ePortfolio system. However http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au will occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time as new system features are released and USQ reserves the right to discontinue this Site or any part at any time.  The Site Administrators may access your ePortfolio and its contents at anytime, however they will avoid doing so unless specifically required to support your use of http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au or as per these Terms and Conditions.  If at any time you feel your rights as a user have not been upheld or you have any questions regarding the following, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page immediately.

Your obligations

The USQ ICT Code of Practice for the Acceptable use of ICT Resources governs your use of your ePortfolio. All current students and alumni will continue to have access to their ePortfolio while they maintain their USQ account by changing their password every 90 days.  Accounts that have become inactive can be reactivated using the USQ portal.  If an account has been inactive for more than two years, the ePortfolio and all the data it contains linked to that account will be deleted without notice.

As a condition of your use, you warrant to USQ that you will not use http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions or the USQ ICT Code of Practice for the Acceptable use of ICT Resources and that you will comply with all applicable laws as well as USQ statutes, policies, standards and codes of conduct. You may not transmit any material on http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au that is unlawful or may give rise to any civil or criminal liability including infringing any other agreements or the rights of third parties’ privacy or proprietary rights including copyright or that contains false or misleading statements of facts. You have no right to use any trademarks of USQ by using http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au.

Proprietary and other Rights and Responsibilities regarding the Site

Any unsolicited contact you receive as a result of personal information you have publicly released via your ePortfolio is your responsibility.

Any communication you email, post or transmit through http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and you grant USQ a perpetual irrevocable non-exclusive license to reproduce, transmit, display, disclose for our purposes. USQ may be but is not obligated to monitor or review these communications but USQ will have no liability related to the content of those communications to any person whether or not arising under copyright, defamation, privacy, obscenity or other laws.

All other files and content other than communications (“Material”) you upload to http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au are subject to Australian Copyright legislation. Subject to the ownership of third party content in the Material, you retain all of your ownership rights in the Material uploaded and published into your ePortfolio on http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au .  However such publication may affect your Copyright. Your rights as a USQ Staff member or student are fully described in USQ's Intellectual Property Policy.

USQ agrees to store your Material in http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au and to make it available for others (“End Users”) to access and view the Material on these Terms and Conditions. By uploading Material on http://eportfolio.usq.edu.au, you warrant you are the owner of or you have appropriate licence permission authority and consent to reproduce and publish any work that is not your own including granting the licences under these Terms and Conditions which is your responsibility to obtain and you grant End Users the rights granted by these Terms and Conditions and USQ a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use (including for technical, operational or back-up and security reasons), reproduce, distribute, adapt, display, publish, make available on-line or electronically transmit the Material uploaded and license to USQ all copyright and other proprietary rights in the Material for such publication purposes.  Such licences shall subsist until such time as you delete or remove such Material or termination of these licences in which event, USQ will retain the right to metadata relating to the Material and to reproduce adapt and modify Material for archival purposes (which will not be publicly available).

Inappropriate behaviour deemed to be a breach of these Terms and Conditions includes misuse of the objectionable material reporting system, intentionally attempting to load files with virus content, placing objectionable or excessive feedback or comments on any other user’s ePortfolio and any other behaviour deemed to be nuisance or offensive under the USQ ICT Code of Practice for the Acceptable use of ICT Resources. Incidents of plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with USQ's policies concerning plagiarism.

Violation of USQ policies or any of these Terms and Conditions may result in your account being suspended or terminated in addition to any other action USQ is entitled to take under USQ statutes, policies, standards and codes of conduct. In addition USQ reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any communication or Material or part thereof it considers inappropriate or infringing third parties’ intellectual property rights or in breach of these Terms and Conditions or USQ ICT Code of Practice for the Acceptable use of ICT Resources. USQ is not responsible for any mistakes, omissions or legal infringements within the Material nor is it obliged to take legal action on behalf of a user in respect of the Material and the user indemnifies USQ against any claim that may arise regarding the material or communication, USQ use of the Material or communication and any breach by the user of its obligations, representations and warranties under these licences and Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions regarding this Statement or believe we have not adhered to the above criteria, please use the Contact us link at the bottom of this page and we will use all reasonable efforts to remedy the issue.