Professor Michael Sankey


Consultancies and Professional Activities

Consultancies and invited visits

Commonwealth of Learning CoL.jpg

February 2019: Contracted to develop and pilot a new toolkit and implementation model for the benchmarking of technology enabled learning, to be used by Commonwealth institutions.

August 2019: The Benchmarking Toolkit for Technology-Enabled Learning is now available from:

CQ Universityimage001.png

August 2018: Facilitated visioning activities towards the future state of technology enhanced learning (TEL) at CQ University. This was undertaken with leaders from both the Learning and Teaching group and from the Information Technology Division. The outcome was to identify key next steps towards a new TEL roadmap. 

Australian Federal Police: Learning Advisory Panel

November 2017: Presented to the Learning Advisory Panel of the AFP a session on current trends around technology enhanced learning and teaching within higher education. The session was entailed: Blended learning, social media learning, micro learning and other forms of online learning.  


AIPM: Higher Education Strategic Review Round-table

August 2017: Contribute an 'expert' session entitled 'Learning focused innovations in delivery and assessment' to the Higher Education Strategic Review Roundtable, held at the Australian Institute of Police Management, on the 28th August.

Review at the University of Auckland (New Zealand)Capture.jpg

March 2017: Conducted a formal review of the eLearning group of the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CLeaR). CLeaR provides research-informed institutional leadership to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research at the University of Auckland through the promotion of reflective and innovative practice and a scholarly approach to higher education.

Review of QCOSS online training site

June 2016: Conducted a review of the Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) social and community services online training site. The review included investigating: the content on this site for relevancy, accuracy; how well it is responding to the needs of those in the sector or those entering it; and best practice in adult online learning and how it may be applied to this site.

Visiting Scholar to the University of South Africa (UniSA)

Invited to UniSA, by the Institute for Open and Distance Learning (IODL), to conduct a series of activities (16-19 September 2014), including: Present and Occassional Lecture on learning technologies and the student learning journey; Conduct a Benchmarking Activity using the ACODE Benchmarks for Teachnology Enhanced Learning;  Facilitate a Round Table on the use of technology enhanced learning, and; Present at a Symposium on Student experiences and expectations of learning technologies.


TAFE Consultancies

In 2013 I undertook two professional development consultancies with the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE and the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE. These activities involve providing professional advice to both TAFE Institutes  as they move toward a more holistic model for online course delivery.

International consultancy

September 2010, I was invited to the Open Polytechnic in Wellington by the Chief Executive, Caroline Seelig, to conduct a two day strategic planning visit to help establish a strategic direction for the use of emerging technologies to support/enhance the teaching portfolio at Open Polytechnic.

Review of the University of Canberra PEI project

In November 2009 I was the external reviewer for the ALTC funded Promoting Excellence Program at the University of Canberra.

Griffith Film School Consultancy

August 2005. Griffith University, Griffith Film School: Consultancy undertaken to formulate a series of recommendations for the development of  an online environment to support the new Professional Masters Program.

QUT EdD website redevelopment consultancy

February 2005. Queensland University of Technology: External panel member for development of new architecture for an online environment supporting the Queensland University of Technology Doctor of Education (EdD) program.


Governance responsibilities

The following section contains a list current and recent committee memberships and Chairing responsibilities associated with my work at USQ, WSU and Griffith.

Committee Chairing


  • Blackboard Ultra Project Board
  • MESS Replacement Board
  • Blackboard SAAS Board
  • VLE Integrations Board

Previous institutions

  • USQ Learning and Teaching Systems User Reference Group
  • Course and Program Management System (CPMS) Project Board
  • Moodle 2 Project Board
  • ePortfolio Reference Group
  • E-Marking Working Party
  • Virtual Classrooms Working party
  • LTS Workflow and planning Committee

Membership of key committees


  • Griffith Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Griffith University Assessment Committee
  • Griffith Core Infrastructure Board
  • Course Profiles Board
  • Griffith Digital Campus Board


  • Academic Board
  • USQ Learning and Teaching Committee
  • ICT Strategy Committee
  • ICT Business Advisory Committee
  • Online Communications Systems User Reference Group
  • Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement Board
  • Course Materials Production Review Board

In addition


  • Member of the Academic Board for Leaders Institute



  • Australasian Council on Online Distance and eLearning (ACODE).
    • Also Member of ACODE National Executive and Currently Vice-President


  • Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development (CADAD).
    • Also member of CADAD National Executive.

Professional activities


Facilitation of the 2018 ACODE Benchmarking Summit

20108 (25-27 June) Facilitated the 3rd ACODE Inter-institutional Benchmarking Summit. Held at Griffith University in Brisbane. 48 People, from 24 Australasian Institutions, came together to Benchmark their capacity in technology enhanced learning (TEL). 


Co-Facilitation of the ACODE UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit

2017 (11-14 June) Worked with the Open University in the UK to help facilitate the bringing together 30 senior technology enhanced learning (TEL) professionals and decision makers for the first 3 day residental ACODE-UK 2017 TEL Benchmarking Summit to be held at De Vere Horwood Estate, Milton Keynes.

Presenting at ACODE UK

Facilitation of the 2016 ACODE Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Summit

2016 (27-29 June) Facilitated the 2nd ACODE Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Summit. Held at the University of Canberra. 50 people, from 27 universities, from 5 countries, came together to benchmark their capacity in technology enhanced learning (TEL).

ACODE Benchmarks review and Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Summit 2014

From February 2014 through to July I facilitated a thorough review of the ACODE Benchmarks. This resulted in the Benchmarks refocusing on technology enhanced learning rather than e-learning. This review culminated in a International inter-institutional benchmarking activity held in Sydney between the 1-3 June at Macquarie University. 22 Institutions participated in this activity form 5 different countries.

ACODE benchmarking activities 2011

In May 2011, I hosted at USQ an international inter-institutional benchmarking activity with five other universities (CSU, CQU, UNE, Massey University, NZ and the Sultan Idris Education University of Malaysia). In this activity each university self-rated itself against the ACODE Benchmarks, culminating in a Summit held in Toowoomba. At this Summit each institution shared and compared their results and practices.

International benchmarking learning and teachingpresenting

In October 2009 I undertook a USQ benchmarking activity with three UK universities, investigating support strategies for online and distance learning. This activity has led to further collaborative projects being established. The institutions visited included the University of Leicester, Open University and Manchester Metropolitan University.

ACODE benchmarking activities 2008

In 2008 I lead a team of USQ staff in a benchmarking activity with Deakin University, using the ACODE benchmarks. The resultant report may be accessed from: or ACODEBMprojectre...kinFinalpdf.pdf

West Australian inter-institutional benchmarking

In December 2008 I conducted benchmarking visits with three universities in Western Australia: Curtin University, Edith Cowen University and Murdoch University. These visits where designed to prioritise key initiatives associated with the Program Revitalisation Project and encourage inter-institutional collaboration.

Conference organisation

ACODE Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Summit 2014, 2016 and 2018. Macquarie University, University of Canberra and Griffith University

Moodlemoot 2012. Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland, July 

Exploring New Dimensions: HTML5 in Higher Education, 2012, University of Southern Queensland, November


ACODE community activities

Learning Technologies Leadership Institute

Since 2015 I have been the Director of the ACODE Learning Technologies Leadership Institute. This is a highly engaging and practical professional development program designed for participants to develop a deep understanding of effective leadership in relation to technology enhanced learning in the tertiary education context. The Institute runs every two years.

ACODE LTLI participants and Faculty in 2017

2017: Institute Director

2015: Institute Director

2013: Faculty member


ASCILITE Community Activities

2015 - 2018 - Undertaking Mentor responsibilities under the 'ascilite Community Mentoring Program

The ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program seeks to involve participants in a professional mentoring relationship built between learners (the mentees) and experienced practitioners (the mentors). Whilst the new learners may be experienced in some areas of educational technologies, the ASCILITE Community Mentoring Program is a vehicle for enhancement of specific knowledge, skills or capacities in an area of developing expertise. This arrangement is formalised through a Mentoring Agreement.


Funded research projects

The following are completed funded research projects:

  • 2014: M. Sankey. ‘ACODE Benchmarking review and Inter-Institutional Benchmarking Activity’. Funded by USQ, ACODE and Macquarie University. Total funds available $12,000
  • 2012: M. Sankey and B. Tynan. ‘Students’ experience and expectations of technology survey project’. Funded by the Office of the PVC Learning Teaching and Quality. $12,000
  • 2010: Holt (Deakin), Sankey (USQ), Solomonides (Macquarie), Hicks (Uni Sth Australia) and Louka (RMIT). ALTC Leadership Grant - 'Building distributed leadership in designing and implementing a quality management framework for Online Learning Environments'. $331,914
  • 2009: M. Sankey, ‘The Professional Development Survey’, Funded bythe USQHuman Resources Department. $10,000
  • 2009: M. Sankey, D. Birch and M. Gardner. ‘Learning impact of multiple representations of content’. Funded by the Faculty of Business Research Committee. $7,000.
  • 2008: M. Sankey, ‘The Program Revitalization Project Research Project’. Funded by the Realizing Our Potential Project. $5,000.
  • 2006: M. Sankey, J. McDonald, J. Lawrence and C. Star. ‘From poison chalice to badge of honour – empowering teachers of first year university courses through communities of practice’. Funded by the Centre for Research & Transformative Pedagogies. $5,000.
  • 2006 Team member supporting the Carrick funded ‘Bridging Gaps in Music Teacher Education: developing exemplary practice models using peer collaboration’, run by Dr Julie Ballantyne, Faculty of Education, Springfield campus. $149,243.00.
  • 2006: M. Sankey and E. Kiernan. ‘First year students’ experience of Transmodal delivery: CMS1000’. Jointly funded by the Faculty of Arts and LTSU Research Committees. $2, 500.
  • 2005:E. Kiernan, J. Laurence and M. Sankey This project aimed to understand the ‘Success of an assessment intervention (preliminary essay plan) in a first year communication course’. Funded by a Faculty of Arts research grant for $2,000.
  • 2005: M. Sankey ‘Multimodal Design for Hybrid Course Materials: Developing and Evaluating a New Paradigm for Course Delivery’. Funded by the Distance and e-Learning Centre. $3,000.
  • 2004: M. Nooriafshar, B. Todhunter and M. Sankey, ‘Designing a Web Enhanced Multimedia Learning Environment (WEMLE) for Project Management”. Funded by a Faculty of Business. $1,600.