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Book Chapters

  • Padro, F., & Sankey, M. (In Press). Benchmarking as an instrument for continuous improvement and organisational activity in a regulated quality assurance environment: What ACODE is up to. In, A. Krishnan (Ed). Cases on Quality Initiatives for Organizational Longevity. IGI Global. London.
  • Sankey, M., & Hunt, L. 2017. 'Flipped University Classrooms: Using Technology to Enable Sound Pedagogy'. Republished in, Flipped Instruction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice. IGI Global, London, pp 233-246. DIO: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1803-7.ch014 IGIbookcover.png
  • Sankey, M.D. 2014. 'From rags to riches: Democratisation of the photographic art'. In V.Garnons-Williams (Ed) Photography and Fictions: locating dynamics of practice. Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP), Brisbane. pp. 79-84. ISBN: 978-0-9923225-3-3
  • Hunt, L. & Sankey, M.D. 2013. ‘Getting the Context Right for Quality Teaching and Learning’. In D. Salter (Ed) Cases on Quality Teaching Practices in Higher Education. IGI Global, London. pp 261-279.
  • Hunt, L., Hammer, S., & Sankey, M.D.  2012. Jewell, S. (Ed.), ‘Getting the context right for good assessment practice’. In Improving Student Engagement and Development through Assessment: Theory and Practice in Higher Education, London, Routledge.
  • Huijser, H., & Sankey, M.D. 2011, 'You can lead the horse to water, but…: Aligning Learning and Teaching in a Web 2.0 Context and Beyond'. In M. J. W. Lee & C. McLoughlin (Eds.), Web 2.0-based e-learning: Applying social informatics for tertiary teaching. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Hunt, L., Huijser, H., & Sankey, M.D. 2011, 'Learning Spaces for the Digital Age: Blending Space with Pedagogy', In M. Keppell; K. Souter; and M. Riddle (Eds.), Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education: Concepts for the Modern Learning Environment. IGI Global, London.
  • Sankey, M.D. & St Hill, R. 2009, 'The ethics of designing for multimodality: Empowering non-traditional learners', in U. Demiray, & R. Sharma (Eds.), Ethical Practices and Implications in Distance Education, pp.126-155, Ideas Group International, London.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2005, ‘Multiple Representations in Multimedia Materials: An Issue of Literacy.’ In Eds. S. Mishra, & R.C. Sharma, Interactive Multimedia in Education and Training. pp.135-157. Ideas Group, London.
  • Sankey, M.D. & Nooriafshar, M. 2005. ‘Multiple Representations in Multimedia and e-Learning Materials: An Issue of Literacy.’ In Eds. J. B. Son & S. O’Neill, Enhancing Learning and Teaching: Pedagogy, Technology and Language. pp. 149-172. Flaxton, Queensland: Post Pressed.

Conference Presentations


Presenting with Tim van Drimmelen at Moodlemoot AU 15


Recent Notable Reports and Presentations (over last few years)


Working with staff in the USQ Makerspace using augmented reality



Peer-reviewed Journal Articles


Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings



Unsolicited Invited Presentations and Professional Presentations


Presenting at the University of South Aftrica (Unisa) in Sept 2014 

  • Sankey, M. 2014. 'Key Matters Relating to Technology Enhanced Learning'. Professional development workshop at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. New Zealand. 18 March.
  • Sankey, M. & Gosper, M. 2013. ‘Quality management for online learning environments’. ACODE Learning Technologies Leadership Institute. Gold Coast, Queensland. 18-22 August.
  • Gosper, M. & Sankey, M. 2013. ‘Evaluating and Implementing Innovations in Interactive Technologies’. ACODE Learning Technologies Leadership Institute. Gold Coast, Queensland. 18-22 August.
  • Sankey. M. 2013. 'Flipped classrooms or blended delivery and open education resources (OERs)'. Flipped Classrooms and Open Education Practice, ACODE 62 Workshop, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji, 27-28 June.
  • Sankey, M. 2013. 'The shifting sands of the student experience: Responding to change'. Brisbane North Intitute of TAFE, Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, 3 June.
  • Sankey, M. 2013. 'Building distributed leadership in designing and implementing a quality management framework for online learning environments'. Griffith University, Brisbane, 7 February.
  • Sankey, M.D., Gosper, M., Allen, G. 2012. ‘Report on Survey of ACODE Institutional Representatives at Australasian Universities: Building distributed leadership in designing and implementing a quality management framework for Online Learning Environments’. ACODE Workshop, Swinburne University, Melbourne. 28 June.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2012. ‘The journey starts by with the first step: Creating the Higher Ed Student Learning Journey’. Invited presentation and workshop to the NSW TAFE Managers Association Conference 2012. 8 June.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2012. ‘Transitioning to Uni: Moodle and the PLE’. Invited presentation to the School Moodlemoot 2012: Australian Schools Moodle Conference. Brisbane, 12-14 April.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2012. ‘The Student Learning Journey’. Keynote presentation to the Sydney Institute of TAFE Leadership Forum. Sydney. 16 March.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2012. ‘Managing and supporting teachers in the transition to e-learning’. Invited presentation to The 2nd annual E-Learning Summit. Sydney. 27-28 February.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2011 ‘The USQ Student Learning Journey’. Keynote presentation to the Sydney Institute of TAFE Leadership Forum, 'The Student Learning Journey'. Sydney. 31 August.
  • Sankey, M.D. & Solomonides, I. 2011, ‘Leadership in e-learning: Strategic directions and initiatives in e-learning’. Invited presentation to the ALTC sponsored, Professional Development for Academic Developers Forum, Gold Coast, 7-8 July.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2011, ‘Creating frameworks to get the context right: The USQ Course and Program Management System (CPMS)’ Invited presentation to the Joint CADAD/ACODE workshop, Macquarie University, Sydney. 23 March.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2010, ‘Aligning Web 2.0 with the USQ L&T agenda’. Invited presentation to the Australian National University, Design and Development Group. 14 January.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2009, ‘The USQ Course and Program Management System (CPMS)’. Invited online presentation to the JISC Innovating e-Learning 2009 Online Conference: Thriving, not just surviving! 24 - 27 November.
  • Hunt, L & Sankey, M.D. 2009, ‘Workshop: Promoting and Managing Teaching and Learning’. Invited presentation at the Open University Malaysia. November 26.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2009, ‘The Learning & Teaching Support Unit (LTSU): Agents of change’. Invited presentation to the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK. October 12.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2006, Transmodal delivery: Developing a new paradigm at USQ’. Presented to the Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association, Queensland at the ‘Update: Innovations in eLearning’ forum. Information Industries Bureau, Brisbane. 21 March.
  • Sankey, M.D. & McDonald, J. 2005, ‘Transmodal delivery: maintaining a balance whilst building momentum.’ Presented at the Instructional Design Forum: Designing for Diversity, University of Queensland, 28 September.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2005, ‘Multiple Delivery Modes.’ Presented to the Griffith University Educational Design Team at the Distance and e-Learning Centre, USQ, 25 May.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2004, Multiple Representations in Multimedia Materials: An issue of literacy’, Presented to the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education – Toowoomba Chapter. 22 April.
  • Sankey, M.D., Cottman, C. & McDonald, J. 2004, ‘Hybrid Delivery at USQ'. Presented at the Inter-University Instructional Design Forum, Queensland University of Technology, 20 August.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2003, 'Instructional Design Issues for Online Course Development'. Presented to the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE LearnScope Project - 'E-Learning for blended Delivery'. 7 – 8 August.
  • Sankey, M.D. 2000, 'Photography and the World Wide Web', Keynote address to the Queensland Photographic Societies Annual Conference. Stanthorpe, Queensland, August 17