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Associate Professor Michael Sankey

Director, Learning Environments and Media
Academic Services Division
University of Southern Queensland
West Street
Queensland, Australia. 4350

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USQ Ph: +61 7 46312293
USQ Mobile: +61 448800675
Skype: michaeldsankey (or search via the email address)

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Most recent video - The Social Media Triage

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Michael is the Director, Learning Environments and Media at the University Southern Queensland. He specialises in elearning pedagogies, learning technologies, multimodal design,visual and multiliteracies. He has worked in Higher Education for some 26 years and is particularly interested in how constructively aligned and aesthetically enhanced learning environments can better transmit concepts to students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds.

In recent years his research has focused on how students interact with technologies online, particularly in relation to accessing learning resources. His other passion area is photography, particularly the democratisation of the photographic medium, largely facilitated by the advent of digital imaging.


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